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In a year of constant change, you may have lost customers and the priorities of those who remain are likely to have shifted. Many businesses have adapted their offer in response to customer needs. This provides an opportunity to attract a new customer base. So how do you make it easy for prospects to pick you? Answer: case studies!

The value of customer feedback

We have all faced challenges since the March 2020 lockdown which have shaped changes in every workplace. What was important to your customers back then? This may be very different from where they are focusing attention now.

As we ride another lockdown, take time to engage with your customers. Make it your goal to understand what they need and what is preventing them from getting it. What are their preferences and expectations?

Is your offer still beneficial to them or could there be another way to solve their problems? Consider ways to adapt your offer in line with their needs. When business decisions are informed by customer feedback, there is a stronger chance that your organisation will remain relevant and retain customers.

Some customers may no longer require your services and if so, make it straightforward for them to leave. Avoid complex procedures and penalty payments. You want them to remember your company in a positive light. Be helpful and professional, as they may be in a position to return in the future. Equally, they may recommend your services to others.

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change” – Stephen Hawking

Instead of mourning losses, put your energy into attracting new prospects and building business relationships. My recent article on mapping your ideal customer may help you through this process. Attracting new customers is easier when you can evidence the difference your products and services make; yes, I’m talking case studies.

Case studies showcase your solutions to real issues

Case studies are an effective means of showcasing your products and services. They provide an opportunity to share how you have assisted customers to achieve positive outcomes. Prospects may have the same need and, therefore, identify with the story.

A good case study will explain the challenge or brief that the customer presented. This will help to engage readers facing a similar situation. It will detail your solution, with particular focus on areas which required specialist expertise. This illustrates your value and builds trust in your competence.

It is important to outline the outcomes of employing your services or using your product. These outcomes are more important to the prospect than the product or service. A testimonial from the customer adds weight to the case study.

To simplify the process of evidencing the benefits of your products or services, I have created a case study template. This is available to download below. Please contact me to discuss my charges for creating and populating a bespoke, branded case study template for your company.

Evidence of achievements

Creating case studies can also boost your confidence. Many business owners suffer from imposter syndrome. These feelings of self-doubt have you believing that your skills and talents are not enough; that you are a fraud.

It is easier to dismiss imposter syndrome when you are preparing and sharing case studies which highlight your competencies. Those customer testimonials provide evidence of the difference you are making and the value of your expertise.

A boost in confidence is a useful tool when it comes to converting prospects to customers. People buy from people, so the deal is based as much upon you as on your product or service. Prospects have to believe in you; to trust that you can provide a good solution. You have to believe in your capabilities to sell them.

What to include in case studies?

So, what should feature in a case study?

  • The Client
  • The Challenge
  • The Solution
  • The Results
  • Your Details

You should aim to take the reader on a journey, let them know about the situation the customer was in, what you were able to do for them and the benefits that they achieved as a result of your work.

Start with a little bit about the client. Set the scene so that potential customers can relate to their situation. Who is the client, what do they offer and what is their goal?

Now you can describe the issue they came to you with. What challenge are they facing and why is this a problem for them?

The next stage is to showcase your expertise. What was your recommended solution and why?

To evidence that your solution made a difference, it is important to outline tangible results. Did the client achieve cost savings as a result, for example, did they see sales increase, ratings boost or workplace efficiencies realised?

To endorse these results, it is valuable to include a testimonial from the client. Encourage them to be specific about their challenge and how you helped.

Finally, if you engage the reader’s interest, you want to include a call to action. How would you like them to contact you?

Where to share case studies

Case studies can be published on a blog, portfolio or relevant product/service website page. This is a great way to add fresh content to your site, which can boost search engine optimisation (SEO).

Snippets of the case study can be posted onto your social media platforms, with links that can drive traffic to your website. Ask permission to tag the customer into the post, which will expand the reach.

You may choose to include case studies in print media, such as company brochures.

Relevant case studies should also be shared with prospects, alongside proposals and quotes, when tendering for business.

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