10 questions to ask before writing business reports

Business Report blog

Business decisions and long-term strategies are most effective when they are informed by relevant data and research. To keep improving the key is to measure and analyse performance. That’s where business reports come into play.

Well-prepared, business reports provide a comprehensive collation of data and research. They can evidence that outcomes were achieved or give insight into the appropriate allocation of resources.

Holiday requests & how to manage them

Holiday Requests blog

We all enjoy a holiday, we work hard and deserve a break. However, as a business owner, managing annual leave requests can be a headache, especially through the Summer. How can you keep the business running smoothly while team members are off? What can you put in place to streamline the process, prevent disruption to the business and enable your team to have a well-deserved break?

Need a concise business plan template?

3 Doc Solutions blog - When did you last read your business plan?

The prospect of shutting up shop was not an option for every
business. To ride the storm, many sprang into action. Reading the market and adapting their processes or offer, they spotted fresh opportunities and attracted new customers. Was your business one of them?

As the lockdown restrictions continue to be lifted, what is
the plan now? Will your company return to the old way of working or has diversification opened up new doors that could support business growth?