10 questions to ask before formatting a book

Library book shelves

Is writing a book your New Year’s Resolution?

Whilst many of us start the year with a desire to read more books, others have ambitions to write one.
Fortunately, self-publications and e-books have made this option more accessible, but the layout has to be in line with specifications. So, in this article, we’re exploring the 10 questions to ask before formatting a book.

Fillable forms: What are they & why use them?

The wise man doesn't give the right answers, he poses the right questions - quote

So, you need to encourage a group of people to respond to your list of questions. Electronic fillable forms are a simple way to reach everyone concerned and gather their responses. Let me tell you more!

Fillable forms are ideal if you need to ask multiple people the same questions. This could be part of a recruitment process, gathering customer insight or arranging the work’s Christmas do! You might use these electronic documents as part of the process of onboarding new clients or surveying employee satisfaction.