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Whether you set a goal as a new-years resolution, planned your objectives with the new school year last September or have a more relaxed view of things, now might be a good time to review your goals.

Covid-19 will have an effect on all of us and will inevitably mean we have to change our plans in life as well as in our businesses.

A planned goal gives you something to work towards. Always having your goal in mind can keep you focused on the right things and means you will be more likely to achieve. It can also help you measure your progress which will keep you motivated to keep going.


Think about the goals you already have and decide if they still work. You’ll probably find they need tweaking.

Adjust – change the deadlines or lower your expectations accordingly. Be flexible if a slight adjustment is needed.

Adapt – to new scenarios. For example, hold meetings over video instead of in person or create an online shop and deliver or allow for collection of your products.

Add – create new goals with a new focus and something alternative to aim for. This is a time of opportunities, what can you do differently?


Coronavirus has put a lot of pressure on many people. For some businesses, it has meant a change in the way of working, a slowing of demand or a complete pause in trading. Is it time to pivot? Can you change your business, either temporarily or more permanently? Take time to consider the opportunities, to see how you could benefit from a change. Could you diversify?


Look back at what you have achieved, although situations have changed it will help to see what you have done to date. Then, write down your new/revised goal.

You are in the perfect position to get there from here

Look to the future

It can be hard to think about the future when we are in such strange unforeseen times. Having a plan and being willing to adapt will put us in the best position for moving forward. Know your end destination but be prepared to take a different route to get there if needed.

Consider where you want to be in 10 years, in 5 years, in 1 year. Think about how great it will be to get there, how you will feel. Push yourself to achieve great things.

Dream big

Make it a BHAG: A Big Hairy Audacious Goal!

Start with your endpoint then work back. Break your goal into individual objectives that will make up the steps to reaching milestones on the way to your main goal.

What will you need for each step, who can help you to get there?


Write it down, in detail, with dates and measures. List your goal and each objective that build to make your goal. Make them all SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. Share it with others, a friend, accountability buddy or coach who will check-in with you to see what progress you are making.


Regularly look at your goal and objectives. Update them monthly or even weekly. Look at them often, put them up on your wall. Keep checking you are on track and keep motivated to push harder. Can you do more, sooner or better?


I have created a template for you to download. In the image below I have entered a few examples. Remember your goals will be different to others and what’s achievable will also differ. Aim to accomplish what is challenging for you.

Use this template to track your progress. Enter your main goal and the objectives for the next 12 months that will help you to reach your goal. Set your targets and match up to the actual results so you can see your success. Conditional formatting can also be set to flag when you are doing well, aim to make it all turn green!

Contact me if you would like help with using this template, defining your goals or some support to help you achieve your objectives.

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