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Sitting by the pool enjoying my holiday…. OK, I admit it. I wasn’t able to completely forget about my business.

There is always the worry when you run your own company that people won’t be able to contact you. The concern that you will lose out on work. Or that you will let your clients down because you’re not there when they need you. But I felt it was important to have a holiday and it would be unfair on my (some might say, long-suffering) husband to tell him we couldn’t go away because of my business. Actually, by not taking a holiday are you letting yourself down? A break is important it’s good to get away from the stress and strain of work. To spend time with the ones you love and to indulge in a little me time. A change of scenery is also good. Spending time in a different environment and culture stimulates the mind and gives you a different perspective on things. So, I decided we would have a proper holiday this year. We have both worked hard and deserve a break.

It’s all down to the planning.

Being a VA I have to be organised. We booked our holiday months ago and straight away I let my clients know the dates. They probably think I’ve been gloating as I have been sending reminders for the last 6 weeks and at each initial meeting with a potential new client I’ve been completely upfront about the fact I’ll be swanning off on holiday and so unavailable for a couple of weeks. There has been a fair amount of juggling work and a few extra hours in the run up. All done so I know I have left nothing unfinished, but that’s just what I’ve needed to do for my own peace of mind. 

Now I’m here and I have had an absolutely brilliant time. We have really relaxed and enjoyed ourselves. After nearly two weeks, making the most of the glorious Greek sunshine, delicious food and the occasional cocktail, tomorrow we’ll be heading home. Ironically, part of what has helped me to relax is that I’ve checked my email inboxes and social media daily. I’ve responded to a few messages and even followed up on a couple of referrals, though any actual conversations will wait till I’m back. I feel better knowing I haven’t missed anything.

And here I am writing this blog. You see, I love what I do. I’m so proud of the business I have built and it’s usually not far from my thoughts, most of the time in a good way! Paragraph

I’m so glad that I have been able to enjoy such a lovely break but I’m also looking forward to getting back to my day job.

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Time out for myself