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Have you got an informative and persuasive message to share electronically? If so, you need to present it in a way that is engaging and memorable for the audience. The days of static manuals, catalogues and PowerPoints are over; it is time to deliver interactive documents.

Get interactive to grab and hold attention

These days there is constant competition for our attention. If we are interested and engaged, we focus, however, it is easy to be distracted if we get bored or frustrated. This brings me to how best to present information that is important for your prospects, customers or employees to know.

We’ve all received a wordy document that we are supposed to read through and absorb; it is tedious and at best we skim through. Terms and conditions are a common example; how many people just tick the box to say we’ve read it without actually doing so?

Equally, we have all listened with intent to captivating TED Talks or gathered valuable information from books or online sources. This shows that we can concentrate if the content is strong and well-delivered. The right style of presentation draws us in, makes us feel involved and the message sticks. The words and visual content, the stats and the questions get us thinking, challenge our ideas and inform our actions.

“The most profound words will remain unread unless you can keep the learner engaged.
You can’t see their eyes to know if they got it so … say it, show it, write it, demo it and link it to an activity.” 
– James Bates

I want to help you to present your information in an interactive PDF that involves the reader, grabs their attention and ultimately drives them into action. We don’t want to bore, we want the reader to want more!

Variety adds spice to presentations

The first step to a strong presentation of your information is clearly defining the message you wish to share and the desired outcome. Whether for staff training, marketing or inciting social change, that core message must remain the priority when planning your content. So, how can you get it across in different ways?

They say ‘variety is the spice of life’ and variety is certainly the way to appeal to different learning styles. Gather relevant infographics, illustrations and stats to get the message across.

How the brain processes information

The human brain notices and remembers imagery more quickly and easily than text. This is because the information received is decoded and processed in different ways. Some studies suggest we comprehend images 60,000 times fast than the written word.

An article in Medical Express builds on this, suggesting that the placement of images and words impacts the speed and accuracy of our comprehension. Studies show that words on the right-hand side of a screen are processed faster.

Also, consider the tone. Your audience and the subject matter will inform whether to aim for hard-hitting, amusing practical or thought-provoking.

Why interactive PDFs work

Interactive PDFs offer a great opportunity to upskill the team, help prospects to make an informed choice or provide after-care instructions for customers.

An article in eLearning outlines the benefits of interactive learning in the workplace. It states that by giving the audience more control over the information they receive, the more personalised and relevant it becomes. As a result, participants become more invested, which reinforces the message and increases the chance that they will follow through with actions.

With on-demand content, you aren’t there to take them on the journey or check they read it. However, with good content and the right presentation tools, you can offer them the flexibility to follow their desired path. I used to read the ‘Choose your own Adventure’ stories as a child and this is the modern version of those books… ‘To take the left path turn to page 100, to go right turn to page 120…’ Let me explain how you can create on-demand presentations using PowerPoint.

Can on-demand presentations be interactive?

For on-demand PowerPoint presentations, there is the option of offering a choice about the content the recipient views. You might start with a fixed introduction, which is followed by links to specific content. This enables viewers to create a tailored pathway through the presentation. This approach gives the reader greater control over what they see – enabling them to skip past bits and focus on what is most relevant to them. For example, if they know the basics, they can click forward to advanced-level information.

Visual learners might want to skip to an instructional video, whilst blue, detail-orientated personality types may want to click on a link to more in-depth information. One customer might only be interested in whether your product is compliant or compatible. Another may need further insight into applications along with case studies or reviews.

By using PowerPoint as the tool to create an interactive PDF, a single document can meet everyone’s requirements. This is achieved without it feeling like information overload. Your challenge is to ensure your message is clearly communicated, no matter which path they follow.

The final instalment

At the end of the document, include clear calls to action. This could include an email address, a QR code link to a survey or a link to book, order or sign up.

For staff training, there might be a box to tick to indicate completion or a link to a short quiz that checks their understanding.

PowerPoint Presentation Expertise

If you love the idea of a dynamic document but are unsure of how to make it happen, my PowerPoint expertise could be just what you are looking for.

Firstly, I have created a free interactive PDF template that you can download and adapt to your brand, message and content.

Alternatively, I have the knowledge, tools and creative skills to transform your notes, images and video into an engaging presentation. Trust me to deliver your message by embedding a variety of content into the slides. Let me turn dry data into infographics and graphs and know that I will apply brand consistency throughout.

I can save your presentation as an interactive PDF, ready for you to add to internal systems for staff, share on social posts or email it. If required, I can even send it out to your list of contacts. Would that be a weight off your mind? If so, get in touch.

Interactive PDF Examples – Click through to interact with this example PDF. Download with the link below

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