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You have important data to share and you want to make a point; what’s the best way to approach it? Infographics!

Infographics combine short, snappy text and data in a graphic form. The visual appeal of the infographic attracts the eye. It makes the content easy to digest and more memorable than simply presenting raw facts. In this article, we explore the role of infographics in making external and internal communications impactful.

The power of visual elements

The power of visual elements is nothing new. When Fredrick R Barnard was describing the value of graphics in advertising in 1921, he coined a term that was a twist on an ancient Chinese proverb. ‘A picture paints a thousand words.’ – A decade on and a blend of words and imagery still remains an excellent way to get your message across.

Using infographics in external communications

From keynote speeches to social posts, infographics are a powerful means of sharing insightful content and impactful data. They provide an engaging point of reference, making potentially dry and complex ideas easy to consume and recall.

Infographics can be designed in your company’s colours, font and style. This will help the audience associate the relevant, valuable and current information with your brand.

There is only so much information that can be packed into an infographic. It is important to keep the text concise. You can encourage people to discover more by including links to related resources and more detailed written content for those who are interested.

If you are delivering a presentation, the infographic can be displayed on the slide, whilst you add further detail in your talk.

When it comes to social posts, infographics with valuable content are more likely to be liked and shared than text alone. This doesn’t mean churning out graphic versions of everything you wish to share – it’s quality, not quantity that counts!

Using infographics for internal documents

In a recent article, we discussed the importance of internal branding and this theme continues with the use of infographics in staff manuals, company reports and training programmes. Share company values, the results of customer feedback or the company’s commitment to sustainability in a clear infographic that can be used as a quick reference point.

As a trainer, you might use infographics to launch a topic, or as a summary of key points at the end of a module. This could help learners to revise and recall crucial information when it counts.

How to create infographics

The creation of a quality infographic is dependent on collating current and accurate data on a subject that is specific to your area of expertise. Include information generated through your company research, as well as external sources (that must be credited).

Think about how to deliver this data in a way that captures interest. Would a graph illustrate the point or a comparison between two options? What icons help to tell the story?

Think about the flow of the information and the emotive response you want to elicit from sharing it. What do you need in the infographic to add meaning?

Make sure to include eye-catching graphics, useful and relevant information, data (for example 75% said… 8 out of 10 cats prefer….) and importantly, a Call To Action.

A helping hand: Infographic tools

With the content mapped out, the next stage is to use your chosen design tool to create a suitable style, layout and branded design.

You can simply create an infographic image in Microsoft Word or Publisher. I used PowerPoint to create the template below. Alternatively, you can make use of tools such as Canva, Snappa, Easel.ly and Adobe Spark. Some tools offer free packages which can meet requirements but be aware these may come with a watermark.

Remember to not pack it too full, the eye needs space to aid readability. If things are looking overly cluttered, edit. Finally, double-check that the data is accurate and any links work before sharing your infographic with your audience.

A helping hand: Infographic expertise

3DVA has created an infographic template that you can download for free, to customise and use for your internal or external communications. For an even easier option, supply 3DVA with the raw data and brand guidelines. You can trust me to transform this into a professional infographic that shares your message in a simplified, yet impactful format.

I created this template in PowerPoint. I suggest you edit it to add your own images and text and then then you can save it as a .jpg file to share.

Get in touch if you would like 3DVA to create branded infographics to increase engagement, make key points memorable and encourage social shares.

Infographic Template

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